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+172454220** Your payment verification code is 588449 1 minute ago
+185524174** 074404 is your verification code for 2UFI. 1 minute ago
+172454220** Your payment verification code is 852756 4 minutes ago
44398** 143526 is your verification code. 4 minutes ago
+195194424** Hey hesta11, this is Faith from Bright Solar. Are you still considering going solar to cut your electric bills? 6 minutes ago
+165083074** Your event has been created! Here's what your guests will see: 3856 Nell invited you to Sync Chat - Can you go? RSVP here: https://hbnb.io/e/Pqza/BN . 11 minutes ago
81961** Your Apple ID Code is: 399454. Don't share it with anyone. 11 minutes ago
81961** Your Apple ID code is: 374912. Do not share it with anyone. 11 minutes ago
+187783974** Your temporary verification code is: 742868 13 minutes ago
+187783974** Your temporary verification code is: 966847 13 minutes ago
+187783974** Your temporary verification code is: 568767 13 minutes ago
+140657806** We noticed a login to your Lyft account from a new device or browser on 1:51 am Pacific Standard Time on November 28. If this wasn't you, let us know: https://account.lyft.com/secure?token=AQAAAAGMFY4_CDqzou5LrvghwQe6lb-MH0abfVRdeYX-h53lG6tdwGWsHqShvHGa4caiYKCORDEoIQ7M1arqxzQGN90NE2btagE%3D&type=phone 15 minutes ago
22395** Your Curb verification code is: 5871 15 minutes ago
+192546826** You have received a link from your anesthesiologist to register and provide documents for your upcoming procedure. You can register by visiting Clomr: https://patient.development.clomr.dev/register/eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJyZXNvdXJjZSI6InBhdGllbnQiLCJyZXNvdXJjZUlkIjoiNjU2NWI4MTYzNmRhNTM2OWFkY2RkY2ExIiwiaWF0IjoxNzAxMTY1MDc4LCJleHAiOjE3MDEzMzc4Nzh9.Fusg1JoiGOtJoHpnM5omzHZG_VyAHJp9tNCaEA3QY4c If you have an account, log-in here: https://patient.development.clomr.dev/login 15 minutes ago
+150124202** DO NOT SHARE THIS CODE. Lyft will NEVER ask for it. Your login code is 161000 Auto verification code: p6h3SR2jrlb 27 minutes ago
57513** [Walmart] 526863 is your Walmart verification code. It expires in 15 minutes. We'll never call or text to request this code. 27 minutes ago
33533** Hi, this is QA Standalone! Click here to verify your profile: https://dev.aware3.net/shortcode?code=vwxftgy Text “stop” to unsubscribe. 27 minutes ago
+188848857** The service provider "Patricia Phelps" has submitted the estimated cost for the work order "LockSmith Needed". Please check and take the necessary steps accordingly by clicking here http://candu.live/CbJS 33 minutes ago
91886** Snap Finance You're approved! After you provide a few details, you'll get a one-time use, virtual card for checkout. When you are ready to check out, use this link: http://snapf.in/QtL5gHH 34 minutes ago
+193624622** From Snap Finance! Here is your verification code to continue: 666868 44 minutes ago
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