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JD-SXXXXX Welcome to Sikka, your OTP verification code is: 838664 aDUB5Gzv0SH 6 minutes ago
One 68380 is your one time password to proceed on PhonePe. It is valid for 10 minutes. Do not share your OTP with anyone. 6 minutes ago
AD-MXXXXX Tata Sky is now Tata Play!! Your OTP for Tata Play Binge is 280390. The OTP is valid for next 3 minutes. 6 minutes ago
QP-PXXXXX 757430 is your OTP for registering with SPL. OTP valid for up to 20 min. Thanks for registering. DDrtEdRXgRY 25 minutes ago
Rush 5043 is your OTP for Rush. Please enter this to complete verification.- Rush by Hike. 55VSilUQaI1 40 minutes ago
VM-FXXXXX 6037 is your OTP to login to your FreeCharge Account. It is valid for 08 minutes. Please do not share this with anyone. @www.freecharge.in #6037 41 minutes ago
Chamet ÄCHAMETÑ8708 is Chamet vrification otp. 41 minutes ago
BH-TXXXXX "The One Time OTP is:196218 The verification code is valid within 10 minutes.Don't share it to other people." 41 minutes ago
BH-OXXXXX 794813 is your verification code and valid till 5 minutes.Do not share OTP to anyone.- -OFBGTP 51 minutes ago
JD-SXXXXX Welcome to Lucknow Smart City Free Wifi. Your OTP is 424873. Do not share with anyone. Thanks www.sikkanet.com 51 minutes ago
Crater Your login code for Crater club is: 4044 54 minutes ago
ENJOY Hi, 7517 is your OTP for Airtel Xstream App. Enjoy unlimited en 1 hour ago
5XXXXX 4268 is your Navi OTP. It is valid for 10 minutes. Do not share the OTP with anyone. G3iNmQNGk9b 1 hour ago
VM-AXXXXX Your OTP for BOARD MASTER STROKE is 53971. Please enter OTP in the provided field. 1 hour ago
JD-AXXXXX Verify your mobile number on AstroTalk with OTP: 358058 KDdd1ugmKjR 1 hour ago
WintWealth Your OTP for Wint Wealth login is 4401. It will expire in 10 minutes. 1 hour ago
TeenPatti Your TeenPatti registered OTP is: 9205 -BCNETS 1 hour ago
BH-TXXXXX "The One Time OTP is:439262 The verification code is valid within 10 minutes.Don't share it to other people." 1 hour ago
FTX Your FTX verification code is: 974382 1 hour ago
AD-AXXXXX You have related SMS notification.Click link to view details. Your Verification code is 618784 From ASMFOR 1 hour ago
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